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The benefits that Remedy Ring has are all due to Naqsh Ism e azam as this holy Naqsh is encarved in the Remedy Ring. The only difference is Remedy Ring can be prepared at a specific only due to which every sort of well spirituality get absorbed in it. 

Where as Naqsh ism e azam can be downloaded by any person at any time.If a person cant afford to purchase Remedy Ring then he can download Naqsh Ism e Azam having affects of Remedy Ring and can thus solve his problems with a spiritual solution. 

We have no words to write the benefits of this naqsh. In short we found this naqsh very useful for every sort of known or hidden diseases such as of heart, Stomach and liver, Skin, Nose, Ear, throat, Sugar, hepetitis, cancer, itching, Blood Pressure, infertility,epilepsy and other diseases.

In addition to psychological diseases such as depression,hysteria, shizo friniya, shock,Fits and any sort of unknown fear, such as fear of death and darkness, , fear of animal and fear of heights, etc would by the grace of Allah would spiritualy affects the effects and heal patient in 3 days only. In addition, Naqsh Ism e Azam is proved to be extremely useful for children's diseases such as their unnecessary insistence for any thing, weeping, pneumonia, fever, fearing of children, changing colour, not drinking milk and in other diseases .

In addition, this holy naqsh is also a novel treatment for Spriritual diseases for example the entrance of evil spirits in the body,Haunted Homes,water or blood stains,discovering charms, nightmares, pressure, to hear extremely dangrous voices from home or different places, unknown fear, Dreaming about dead people asking for something, destruction of business due to evil charms, extreme confrontations of husband and wife leading towards divorce, husbands bored of their wifes or wife not liking her husband or husband intrested in some other woman, business not flourishing despite of spending lot of money and joblessness. 

These are such spiritual problems in which a person once estrangled can hardly get free of these problems Naqsh ism e azam is an immediate and concealed spiritual solution of all problems which marks its impressions in 3 days only and by the Grace of Allah releases you from your spiritual problems. Moreover, Naqsh ism e azam highly protects spiritualy and externally your business, home, wealth, children, integrity/respect and same. 

For instance, if you have Naqsh ism e azam then those who envy you or are your foe would never be able to harm you rather they would suffer loss and harm themselves. Any sort of magic, evil charms, jins, evil spirits, knowledge of darkness, black magic, enclosures and satinic effect would not affect you because of the presence of naqsh ism e azam. The benefits and significance that we have observed repeatedly is mentioned above. To avail the extrovert and introvert significance of Naqsh ism e azam it is necessary that for 3 days meditation of Naqsh Isme azam would be done for the one who downloads it keeping his and his mother's name in view otherwise this Naqsh would not mark its complete impressions.

That's why we humbly request you that while downloading naqsh ism e azam write your own and mother's name correctly so that when we commence the meditation we don't face any problem. Just as 3 days after downloading would be completed sinultaneously our spiritual team would also complete its meditation for you and the spiritual and supernatural significance of Naqsh ism e azam will be revealed immediately. You will feel some concealed power along which will be correcting your incorrect matters.The second condition for the revealition of the complete significance of Naqsh ism e azam is to pay its token (hadiya) which is 50 pounds and its payment is necessary for the spiritual significance.

If payment would not be done then the Naqsh will not reveal its complete significance and even its photocopy would not be effective to reveal its spiritual significance. Well! you can also download this Naqsh ism e azam free of cost (fisabilillah) and in the name of Allah (fisabilillah)

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