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n the present age we have seen back all the memebers of the family are in indluded into unity and love and there may be the dispute themselves in no means of matter. The all members claimed for property like else. 

In that house the respect of the elders is omitted so you know the blessing of Almighty reversed like wise. Unity and love is the proper affection of God and the reality is only for the respect of elder. Satan fixes the big fronts among human being and uses them destruction as well as. If love and affection is to be ended the destruction may be produced as per atom. 

The scripture, Hadith and the Holy Quran and views of the spirituals can be justified for the blessings of Allah Almighty. The reason of blood sheded and jealousy and disputes are the complements of spiritual protection.

If you want that Allah may be blessing on our houses and we may be protected from the magic spell, evil charms and the bad effect of jin so we should wear the Remedy Ring and you should place it at the proper place like wise so you know that blessing from Allah your house will be curified with  the problems and love may be copelative among family members.

If you do not have the financial means to purchase a Remedy Ring, then you can get benefit by using the Naqsh of The Great Name Of God.

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