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The creater of this universe attached the strange ingenerate bit to contact with brain of human being. We say to this inner spiritual informer.Through this bit God lead to human being for cognition of his goodness or badness.
God give perception to human being so they can differentitate in their good or bad but some time in life human being fail to differentiate in his goodness or badness.God know too much better profit,loss,goodness or badness about every thing of this universe that's why in fragile circumstances of human being God activated this ingenerate bit and we say to this "Dream." The work of this bit is that, it collect the additional thoughts from surrealist and perception thoughts of human being which are related to this person and this bit join these thoughts and create a story then it shows this story on perception of person in sleeping time.

The perception of person work like T.v screen in sleeping time. When this ingenerate bit show the story of additional thoughts by surrealist and perception thoughts on perception then at this time this story is playing on perception of this person,as he is watching film on T.v. 

If a person remember that dream in awaking time and if he understand the denotation then he can know the goodness and badness for present and future time and he can find the way for his safety. Remember,that every person cannot know the denotation of dream. We get different denotation of dreams in books and in website, these are fraction. 

By which we can not get complete denotation of one dream. For getting the complete denotation of dream. We realize the dream from start to end. After that realization a spiritual expert can tell actuall denotation of dream. For example often we read story in books which conclusion is "Greed is a Curse" in this story a dog get one piece of meat and want to go in alone place for eating this peace of meat and on they way,when dog passes the river by the bridge, dog watch own reflection in this river,dog stopped to see this reflection and think that the other dog is here in the water and it has piece of meat in mouth, I snatched this piece and then I will have 2 pieces of meat ( but dog has it own reflection) by this thinking dog jumped in the river then dog loss just not the piece of meat, it also lost the life.

We conclude by this story "Greed is a curse" same as this after realisation the dream,we get conclusion that it is the real denotation of dream. We tell you again that dream is a very complicated system of God for congnition of goodness and badness circumstance that every body can not understand and don't describe the dream in front of every person. If you want to know the complete and actuall denotation of your dream then you click down on " To Open Dream Form/Click here" and you fill this form with your all profile and submit to us. Inshallah within 10 to 30 minutes you will get actuall denotation of your dream. The fee for submit your dream is 20 pounds. Deposite 20 pounds in our bank account which is showing down and then submit your form to us.

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