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Black magic is an ancient, evil practice which a person uses to harm another person. Black magic is the name of an evil spiritual act of vice, and it is useless to expect
or hope for any good result out of it.

Many things are made possible through black magic. These include causing a person or his family to suffer bloodshed and violence, riots, illnesses, despair, helplessness, accidents, divorce, evil charms and amulets, possession of the body by evil spirits and making someone physically handicapped.

This evil knowledge of black magic is considered sufficient for a person to quench this thirst for revenge and to prove his enmity.

In today's era a person is ignorant of his duty in remembering his Creator and Master, God, and in forming a strong bond with Him. Hence slowly and gradually, he loses the blessing of having faith as he adopts all those things which have been strictly prohibited in all religions.

Actually, it is this separation from God which gives an opportunity for black magic and evil charms etc to affect the human body. Those who are frequently occupied in remembering their Lord are the ones who are blessed enough to receive God's protection.

Those individuals who are blessed with God's protection are not affected by magic or evil charms. The methods prescribed by various holy Prophets (messengers of Allah) for being protected against evil practices like magic all sum up to the same thing, which is that to seek refuge with Allah. When a person receives protection from Allah, no evil power can come near him or her because the biggest power in the universe is God, the Sovereign Lord. All the powers and blessings are through the name if this powerful being, which we call The Great Name (Ism-e-Azam).

Syeda Rohani Welfare has prepared a Naqsh (inscription) of The Great Name, at a special time, keeping in mind all the spiritual rules and principles.

During this limited time, a special type of spiritual rays descends upon the universe, which we call Spiritual Good Waves. This period of time occurs once in 27 years. During this time, Syeda Rohani Welfare prepared a limited number of Naqsh of The Great Name. These can be used by an individual belonging to any religion, to straighten out or correct the problems in his/her daily life. This Naqsh has been prepared on a piece of silver (metal) and paper. The Naqsh in silver has been given the form of a locket or ring. The Naqsh in paper has been preserved using expensive perfumes like mushk, ambergris and saffron.

The Naqsh in the ring has been given the name of Remedy Ring and the one in paper is called Naqsh of The Great Name, both of which are essentially the same thing. It means that the Remedy Ring and Naqsh of The Great Name both have God's sacred name incorporated (merged) into it. The spiritual experts who have prepared the Naqsh are highly experienced in the field of spirituality. These individuals refrain from all sorts of sinful deeds and have prepared the Naqsh according to all the spiritual rules and regulations. This Naqsh is the solution to all the complicated problems of an individual's life, and it removes obstacles from his (or her) path and solves those issues which had been stopped so one could not proceed due to hindrances. 

If you are involved in any problem due to  magic, sorcery, evil charms, amulets, devil, jinn, witchcraft, the evil eye, black magic, or such things, and want a spiritual solution to the problem or if you fear that someone can do black magic on you and can harm you or if you suspect that your enemy is trying to extinguish the fire of enmity burning inside him by harming you, your children, your honor or money, then feel free to order the Remedy Ring. Due to the blessing and power of the Naqsh-Ism-e-Azam, the biggest sorcerer, the biggest calamity or loss and the biggest devil will be compelled to start away from you, and you will always be under the protection of the Supreme Being, who is capable of doing anything, meaning God (Allah). There is no power in the universe that is greater than the power of God. 

To get rid of black magic or to cancel the effects of black magic immediately, the Remedy Ring has no equal, it is second to none.

Now, you can order the Remedy Ring to get rid of black magic. It is available as both, in the form of a locket or as a ring.

If you do not have the financial means to purchase a Remedy Ring, then you can get benefit by using the Naqsh of The Great Name Of God.

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