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1st of all you have to deposit 50 pound in our given below Bank Account. After this fill the form below with your Name, Mother's Name, and with other details and submit us. After confirmation of your Hadiya not only Naqsh Ism e Azam will be mailed to you urgently from the Spiritual Network of Syeda Rohani Welfare but Special Spiritual Meditations will also be started for you. These Spiritual Meditations will result in the regular Spiritual Benefit of Naqsh Ism e Azam.

But you have to avoid eating raw onion 3 days. As soon as 3 days will complete you will feel that any Spiritual Power is with you and helping you in every matter. Further Details about Naqsh Ism e Azam will be mailed to you when you will download this Holy Naqsh. Remember, Syeda Rohani Welfare is a Spiritual charity Network that is striving to spread peace through spirituality. Syeda Rohani Welfare doesn't take help from anyone rather we use money that you have sent to spread peace in the form of Naqsh ism e azam or remedy ring .We request you to offer special prayer for our progress to spread peace in the world.

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