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If you can't afford to pay  hadiya of Naqsh Ism e Azam then you can get this Naqsh free. The Procedure is you have to take oath, fill the given below form below and submit us.

The Oath Is...

In future you will never ever hate any human due to their Colour, creed, Caste, Tribe and Religion. Moreover, you also have to imagine your beloved Prophet for 5 minutes daily. We call this act- Prophet Meditation to imagine the Spiritual Prophet and the details are mentioned on next pages. If you have true intention to take this oath then you will never need any other spiritual solution to solve problems in your whole life. If you want to try you can and experience its effectiveness. The form is to get Naqsh Ism e Azam Free is given below.

Usage And Caution Of Naqsh:

It is a extremely Holy Naqsh which is also encarved in Remedy Ring. If 3 days have passed after dircetly downloading this Naqsh from our website then you should believe that Moaklat of this Naqsh are with you now. Its not necessary that these moakalat show their existance also. But these moaklat with the mercy of Allah will clarify your hurdles. As moklat exist with Naqsh Ism e Azam and this naqsh is the Name of Allah. That's why you should be very carefull and must avoid to go to any impure place with this naqsh like Washroom, bar, Casino etc. 

If its necessary due to some reason to go to these places then you can have to take it off Naqsh Ism e Azam.
Keeping the honour of the Naqsh in your mind you can keep this naqsh in your bag and also wear in your neck after encarving this in silver plate. In addition, You have to avoid eating Raw onion after downloading Naqsh Ism e Azam. If you follow the above mentioned cautions then you will be surprised to see the hidden help in solving your hurdles which you face in your life. The remaining details will be mailed to you at the time of downloading this holy naqsh( Inshallah).

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