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Prophet Meditation is an ancient mysterious meditation in the world of spirituality. Ancient spiritual experts of the world performed the Prophet Meditation in their routine life to inhibit the Cosmic Spiritual Good Waves (raises that are transmitted from the holy spirits of Prophets) in their body. We have already mentioned the detail of Cosmic Spiritual Good Waves.

The procedure to perform this meditation is to, imagine that your most beloved Prophet is in front of you and is listening to your wishes and problems. Keep on imagining with closed eyes for minimum 15 minutes, after this offer prayer and leave that place. During this meditation your Body, Dress and place should be neat.

Cosmic Spiritual Good Waves affect the persons who perform the prophet meditation in their daily routine. If Cosmic Spiritual Good Waves affect human's body then great Mysterious Spiritual Powers are revealed on that person and nothing would be impossible for that person, Inshallah. If you want further details about Prophet Meditation then click the Further Deatails Button . Inshallah  within10 minutes you will be mailed the guidelines.