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Naqsh Ism e Azam is very sacred naqsh. Any person who is related to any religion he will conscience on benevolence of God.

 This holy Naqsh Talisman isme azam is completed with the great names of God and that blessed ism e azam was written on the part of body of Hazrat Moosa (as) and blessed of this holy ism e azam Hazrat Moosa (as) give tremendous answer to Firon. Hazrat Essa (as) also had this blessed ism e azam and when he recites this ism e azam he alived the dead persons according to order of God. 

Through this he gives the eyes to blind person and when he made a sparrow by play and recites this holy ism e azam and blow on a sparrow then it become organism and fly. This sacred ism e azam was written on enthrone of Hazrat Suleman b(as). By the great of this ism e azam all genie feel perror from Hazrat Suleman (as). 

Hazrat Khizar (as) was also has this great ism e azam and by the blessedly of that he is alive today. And he gets divinatory by the blessing of God. Asif bin barkhiya RA. Was also have this holy Naqsh isme azam and blessing of this isme azam he present the enthrone of Queen Balquise immediately. Hazrat Ibrahim as also has this sacred isme azam and fire could not touch to him.

Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was also had all power of this ism e azam and by the blessing of this Meraj become occurrence in few seconds which can be taking long time of Karor Million years and our Holy Prophet get tilgrinage of God. Hazrat Imam Hussain as was also have this Holy ism e azam and because of this isme azam he saw the havoc of universe before occurrence and he give light to this world by his blood with the peace of lamp. All of assignee has these ism e azam and they get different kind of great, blessing by their ism e azam.

 Now in this advance era are expert psychic shows you this holy ism e azam for any problem in every field of life. Such as domestic problems, psychological problems, spiritual problems, economically problems, eidolon medical problem, depression, Fear of Darkness, Blood Pressure, Sugar Problem, Dread of Demonolatry, Problems in Husband Wife in marcial life, married problems, Problems of journey, Unsuccess in education etc. If your life problems are not getting to solve by spending your money.

or by any way then we admonish you that you download this Naqsh by our website and keep it and observe the divinatory. Remember this holy Naqsh is encarved in remedy ring but just difference is that Remedy Ring prepare by All spiritual Prophet and it get ready by too much hard working and brown-study therefore it effect on person immediately and this Remedy Ring will obligate to every person for love you. 

Remedy Ring has also solution of spiritual problems and Naqsh ism e azam, You will download by your own self that why it will just give moral of your specific problems for which you download it and effect of clientele (Moacal) will just remain for 7 months in this Naqsh ism e azam and after 7 months for any other spiritual problem you will need to download again by paying Fee of this naqsh. This naqsh will give more effect immediately just in 3 days inshallah.

                        Benefits Of most Super Spiritual Holy Naqsh Ism-e-Azam

The benefits that Remedy Ring has are all due to Naqsh Ism e azam as this holy Naqsh is encarved in the Remedy Ring. The only difference is Remedy Ring can be prepared at a specific only due to which every sort of well spirituality get absorbed in it. Where as Naqsh ism e azam can be downloaded by any person at any time.

If a person cant afford to purchase Remedy Ring then he can download Naqsh Ism e Azam having affects of Remedy Ring and can thus solve his problems with a spiritual solution. We have no words to write the benefits of this naqsh. In short we found this naqsh very useful for every sort of known or hidden diseases such as of heart, Stomach and liver, Skin, Nose, Ear, throat, Sugar, hepetitis, cancer, itching, Blood Pressure, infertility,epilepsy and other diseases.

In addition to psychological diseases such as depression,hysteria, shizo friniya, shock,Fits and any sort of unknown fear, such as fear of death and darkness, , fear of animal and fear of heights, etc would by the grace of Allah would spiritualy affects the effects and heal patient in 3 days only. In addition, Naqsh Ism e Azam is proved to be extremely useful for children's diseases such as their unnecessary insistence for any thing, weeping, pneumonia, fever, fearing of children, changing colour, not drinking milk and in other diseases .

In addition, this holy naqsh is also a novel treatment for Spriritual diseases for example the entrance of evil spirits in the body,Haunted Homes,water or blood stains,discovering charms, nightmares, pressure, to hear extremely dangrous voices from home or different places, unknown fear, Dreaming about dead people asking for something, destruction of business due to evil charms, extreme confrontations of husband and wife leading towards divorce, husbands bored of their wifes or wife not liking her husband or husband intrested in some other woman, business not flourishing despite of spending lot of money and joblessness. 

These are such spiritual problems in which a person once estrangled can hardly get free of these problems.

Naqsh ism e azam is an immediate and concealed spiritual solution of all problems which marks its impressions in 3 days only and by the Grace of Allah releases you from your spiritual problems. Moreover, Naqsh ism e azam highly protects spiritualy and externally your business, home, wealth, children, integrity/respect and same. For instance, if you have Naqsh ism e azam then those who envy you or are your foe would never be able to harm you rather they would suffer loss and harm themselves.

 Any sort of magic, evil charms, jins, evil spirits, knowledge of darkness, black magic, enclosures and satinic effect would not affect you because of the presence of naqsh ism e azam. The benefits and significance that we have observed repeatedly is mentioned above. To avail the extrovert and introvert significance of Naqsh ism e azam it is necessary that for 3 days meditation of Naqsh Isme azam would be done for the one who downloads it keeping his and his mother's name in view otherwise this Naqsh would not mark its complete impressions.

That's why we humbly request you that while downloading naqsh ism e azam write your own and mother's name correctly so that when we commence the meditation we don't face any problem. Just as 3 days after downloading would be completed sinultaneously our spiritual team would also complete its meditation for you and the spiritual and supernatural significance of Naqsh ism e azam will be revealed immediately.

You will feel some concealed power along which will be correcting your incorrect matters.The second condition for the revealition of the complete significance of Naqsh ism e azam is to pay its token (hadiya) which is 50 pounds and its payment is necessary for the spiritual significance.

If payment would not be done then the Naqsh will not reveal its complete significance and even its photocopy would not be effective to reveal its spiritual significance. Well! you can also download this Naqsh ism e azam free of cost (fisabilillah) and in the name of Allah (fisabilillah)

                      Procedure to get Super Supertual Holy Naqsh Ism-e-Azam(Free)

If you can't afford to pay 50 pound hadiya of Naqsh Ism e Azam then you can get this Naqsh free. The Procedure is you have to take oath, fill the given below form below and submit us.

The Oath Is...
In future you will never ever hate any human due to their Colour, creed, Caste, Tribe and Religion. Moreover, you also have to imagine your beloved Prophet for 5 minutes daily. We call this act- Prophet Meditation to imagine the Spiritual Prophet and the details are mentioned on next pages. If you have true intention to take this oath then you will never need any other spiritual solution to solve problems in your whole life. If you want to try you can and experience its effectiveness. The form is to get Naqsh Ism e Azam Free is given below.

Usage And Caution Of Naqsh:

It is a extremely Holy Naqsh which is also encarved in Remedy Ring. If 3 days have passed after dircetly downloading this Naqsh from our website then you should believe that Moaklat of this Naqsh are with you now. Its not necessary that these moakalat show their existance also. But these moaklat with the mercy of Allah will clarify your hurdles. As moklat exist with Naqsh Ism e Azam and this naqsh is the Name of Allah. That's why you should be very carefull and must avoid to go to any impure place with this naqsh like Washroom, bar, Casino etc. If its necessary due to some reason to go to these places then you can have to take it off Naqsh Ism e Azam.

Keeping the honour of the Naqsh in your mind you can keep this naqsh in your bag and also wear in your neck after encarving this in silver plate. In addition, You have to avoid eating Raw onion after downloading Naqsh Ism e Azam. If you follow the above mentioned cautions then you will be surprised to see the hidden help in solving your hurdles which you face in your life. The remaining details will be mailed to you at the time of downloading this holy naqsh( Inshallah)
              Procedure to Get Most Super Supertual Holy Naqsh Ism-e-Azam

1st of all you have to deposit 50 pound in our given below Bank Account. After this fill the form below with your Name, Mother's Name, and with other details and submit us. After confirmation of your Hadiya not only Naqsh Ism e Azam will be mailed to you urgently from the Spiritual Network of Syeda Rohani Welfare but Special Spiritual Meditations will also be started for you. 

These Spiritual Meditations will result in the regular Spiritual Benefit of Naqsh Ism e Azam.

But you have to avoid eating raw onion 3 days. As soon as 3 days will complete you will feel that any Spiritual Power is with you and helping you in every matter. 

Further Details about Naqsh Ism e Azam will be mailed to you when you will download this Holy Naqsh. Remember, Syeda Rohani Welfare is a Spiritual charity Network that is striving to spread peace through spirituality. Syeda Rohani Welfare doesn't take help from anyone rather we use money that you have sent to spread peace in the form of Naqsh ism e azam or remedy ring .We request you to offer special prayer for our progress to spread peace in the world.

Click Here For Naqsh Ism e Azam Detail In Urdu 

Naqsh Ism e Azam (Talisman of God’s name) and Ism e Azam Pray according to your name are basic need of today’s Era. When business issues are not resolve despite of hard working. Health is still disorder despite of using high quality medicines.

Family disputes are increase on daily basis. Dear ones become your worst enemies. Children are being disobedient. In short, daily problems are out of control then there is only a way of Pray which a human being chooses.

Ism e Azam Pray is a greatest source of getting Divine help.

If you own Naqsh Ism e Azam (Talisman of God’s name) along with daily recitation of zikar Ism e Azam then we can say it a Great Pray.

By the blessing of which all of complications in life like unknown fear, evil thoughts, diseases, distances, lack of provision, marriage issues, husband wife relationship disorder, childlessness, business progression problems, hidden enemies, black magic, Jinn, Evil Spirits, Evil tricks of Jealous People and many other issues become fix in a magical way.

Everyone will be amazed to see the miraculous result of Naqsh Ism e Azam and Ism e Azam Pray. Download Naqsh Ism e Azam Free from our website and keep it with you to fix your economical and mutual problems which you daily face in your life and observe the invisible Divine’s Help.

How to get Naqsh Ism e Azam Free?

If you need Naqsh Ism e Azam Free of Cost then Purify yourself first. Now recite the following Holy words 1000 times and fully submit its calculation to us.

سُبْحَانَ اللّهِ وَ بِحَمْدِهِ ، سُبْحَانَ اللّهِ الْعَظِيمِ    

    (Glory be to Allah, and Praise, Glory be to Allah, the Supreme)

You must review yourself before Form submission that if you do not offer regular Prayer then must submit Oath to God that you will be a regular worshiper now onwards. Now be ready to Fill your details in the Following Form and submit it to us.

By the blessing of God as we will receive your Form, a link will be sent to your Email by clicking that link you can easily download your Naqsh Ism e Azam. Then keep your Talisman at purify place of your house.

The performance of this Talisman will be instantly started in a silent mode and you will feel amazing changes in your body in few moments. You will feel an unseen power is set to resolve your worldly issues. In addition, Ism e Azam of your name will also be sent to you by the Permission of our Spiritual Leaders within 24 hours only.

Keep Talisman with love and honor and recite your Ism e Azam according to our instructions by the blessing of God there will be no more need to perform any extra spiritual process to sort out your routine matters.

Get Naqsh Ism e Azam (Talisman )through Payment

No payment has been fixed for Naqsh Ism e Azam. But if you want to get Talisman through Payment it’s your own choice. You can deposit payment in our Bank Account then Fill given below Form and submit it to us.

After receiving your Form, a link will be send you through Email by clicking that link you can easily download your Talisman. Ism e Azam of your name will also be send to you within 24 hours by the blessing of God.

Follow the recitation process according to our Spiritual Leader’s instructions and keep Talisman at purify place. By the blessing of these 2 simple spiritual steps your daily issues will be automatically resolved.

Remember: whether you get Talisman Free through Oath or through Payment, you will receive complete spiritual benefits Insha Allah. 

Note: Quran o Hadith says; the payment which we receive or pay for Talismans made by Quranic Verses is a great act. (Ref: Bukhari Sharif)

We request to all mothers, sisters and brothers to pay amount according to your own wish whether it is only one coin. We do not force anyone to must pay amount. So feel free to get Talisman and Ism e Azam Pray.


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If you request for Talisman to be directly deliver to your home address then you must have to pay its Postal Charges. In case, you are unable to afford the Postal Charges then you can also receive Parcel absolutely free. The procedure for free delivery service is very simple, recite the Surah Fatiha 500 times after Fajar Prayer then submit it to Hazoor Nabi Kareem (PBUH) and then inform us. By the will of God, Ism e Azam Talisman will be posted to you within 24 hours with Free home Delivery.
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Pray: God may accept your each lawful Pray by the great reference of Prophet Mohammad ((صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم  ) Ameen.