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“istikhara” is a prayer in which an individual pray to ALLAH Almighty if new started work is so good for me then easy for me and if it is not better for me so gave that work away from me. With the blessing of this pray if such work is better for that person so Allah's mercy more facilitate but if not better then barriers are coming in that work. in this context it may also be happen that person hit by dream in which there will be indication whether the job good or bad. Any how it does not prove from any Hadith. 

But also in Hadith it is also not mention anywhere that those dream will never come.
Allah has full power over everything (AL QURAN)

The best and virtues able thing is that “Istikhaarah” done by own, we also found the method from Hadith. Certain individuals for solution of their own problem do “Istikhaarah” from other person. Remember that when any one other do any spiritual practice then we can’t say it “Istikhaarah”. Because you can only make “Istikhaarah”, not let by other person. Certain elders described some method to solve problems which are called spiritual guessing. In spiritual guessing an expert by spiritual meditation find spiritual solutions of your problems. If you have any question or problem and want solution by spiritual guessing then fill the form below and submit it to us know. With the will of ALLAH we will answer your each question and spiritual solution of different life issues shortly mail back to you. 

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