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This meditation is a very sacred meditation. The qualities of this mediation can’t be described by angels, jinn and human. If we make pen from all branches of trees in the universe and make ink from all water of ocean and then all the jinn human and angels continue writing qualities and virtue of prime name of ALLAH  (سبحان اللہ) till the judgment day!

Even after doing so we can’t be able to describe it best.Who got the secret of this prime name of ALLAH  (سبحان اللہ) he would be greatest friend of ALLAH and knowledgeable person.The benefit ofthis prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ)is like the double-edged sword for him, whichone side after hit on outwardly view consumes the evilness of a person.

(It means that with the blessings of this remarkable individual existence not only its outward and inward evilnesswill end, but by the grace of this person it repents to other fellow human from sin with the blessings of ALLAH) and the inner edge twists and turn destiny. (The people who always pray to Allah Almighty with the prime name of ALLAH سبحان اللہ) their pray never rejected)when man lost in his mind with recitation of this prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ ) and search with the help of this recitation to his master. 

Then slowly he got the re installing programof those well and goodnatural great immunity power back which he lost in the desires of this material world.After recitation of this name we get priceless blessing and get cure  from  various viruses like  pride , vanity , envy , hypocrisy , lies ,  dishonesty , etc. The entirecurtains which are a barrier between the person and the Creator of the universe are vanished. 

Then there comes a time when he see the ALLAH almighty which was always there close to him during this inwardly session when from his inner part of soul voice (سبحان اللہ  ) come then ALLAH almighty gives him blessings and goodness from floor to throne. The prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) work as a password that open the lock of his inner soul and heart which show the whole realities of universe.

Process of meditation

The time for this meditation is after prayer of FAJAR or ISHA. In the beginning and end recite eleven times DRUDPAK to The Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم )and then sit like in prayer with closed eyes, down the head slightly,  and imagine at your heart The prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) is written. Remember not recite the word’s by your tongue only imagination and think about that it is written there focus for 15 minutes to maintain this concept. Shortly you will feel that your heart is slightly heavier. Heart beat will be fast slowly slowly. 

After some time you will be able to clearly hear your heart beat and going in bit more depth from your heart prime name of ALLAH(سبحان اللہ) starting to hear clearly. These spiritual condition will appear inside 15 minutes (INSHALLAH)  as soon as you are going to hear the voice of prime name of ALLAH(سبحان اللہ) from the heart then your work only with consideration and attention hear that voice. 

Remember the meditation prime name of ALLAH(سبحان اللہ) will not reciteby your tongue but those who get the permission of this meditation there heart always recite this prime name of ALLAH(سبحان اللہ) every time unconsciously.

Because where the name of God and the Holy The Holy Prophet ( صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم )mention so the greatest virtue is only to hear that voice. If one time your heart started to recite this prime name of ALLAH  (سبحان اللہ) then after that rather than this you are awaking, sleeping or doing your job your hurt will be continuously keeps calling  this prime name of ALLAH  (سبحان اللہ).it is a place of great dignity and virtue . This type of meditation is the hobby of some special servant of ALLAH who determined to achieve the goals of poverty and Meditation this is short cut way of finding  ALLAH's neighborhood and great knowledge. 

The Silsila Khair-ul-Basharia (Well ALBSRYH series )  invites to all humans whether they belong to any religion or creed they can take part in this great meditation pray prime name of ALLAH  (سبحان اللہ).


This meditation offer after prayer of FAJAR or ISHA. In the beginning and end eleven times recite DRUDPAK to The Holy Prophet (صل اللہ علیہ  وسلم ) and between this recite 100 hundred time this.
Before starting this meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) you must submit the form below So that the founder of Well ALBSRYH series say special prayer for your success. Importance of allows on different “spiritual practices and benefits”for this we make a special paragraph corresponding website whose link has been given to you, we have listed at the end.

We pray to ALLAH almighty that with charity of the Holy Prophet ( صل اللہ علیہ  وسلم ) our all pray should be accepted.

Not having children

As we have told you before that the virtues and benefits of meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) we can’t describe. We are just talking about a few hits that we observe.

The most important issue who falls in front of us is not having children's issues, if only daughters born in a house so guilty for this causing the woman. While the boy or girl born its depending on father chromosomes. Sometimes there are medical problems such that children even not born. This is causing a lot of problems for girls. The family of husband going to insults the girl. 

The girl psychologically begins to be hit, Headache, back pain, tension in general seems to be normal bad dream and the worse nightmare start. Some time we observe that the family of husband mention it the effect of black magic and they give forcibly divorce to that girl and the reason they show behind all of this is that black magic not hit their own girl or children. 

After that marriage of that boy should be take place on another house with another girl. In the result of this a happy family going to be destroyed. 
That girl has to be sit at the door of his parents for listening to other people against them and for Degradation.

This is the physical aspect of not having children but it is also a spiritual aspect that in their family or outside the family but someone who know them jealous from them husband or wife the spouse starts to envy and try to destroy their happiness throw black magic. Due to this black magic they got this trouble of not having children.

So that after million for poor treatment it does not prove anything good. For the sake of cruelty in our world, there are many way in which a terrible black magic is also if the problem of not having children due to black magic then never neglect the remembrance of Allah, do not hold the Prayer and start the great meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ). 

In addition also download the mark of prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) keep both spouses. After that with the help of this meditation and mark blessings of ALLAH mercy on you. Acute severe internal and external black magic effects, medical and psychological effects, although jealous evil, the unknown enemy shall not pass and with the charity of The Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم ) Best, in good condition, healthy and long living children will be granted to you.
Domestic Problems
Domestic issues either they are too bad they can be solved with the help prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) ALLAH unseen help resolving these problems. From Gujarat Mrs. SHABIR HUSSAIN writes that someone attack on my husband with black magic. 

My husband was going to unaware myself.  Our relationship is not like this before. He does not stay at home neither drink nor eating anything. 

Just come home for a sometime and quarrelling with me on miner matter then go out of house and then spending all the night with another woman. 
It was there to be found that he spending all the nights with her. It had become a habit of my husband to talking on the cell every time day night. 

At last this matter even increased so much that the condition of divorce occurred. My husband becomes the Addict of wine and Gambling.  There was some residence plot my husband also sells them and gives that money to the said women. Businesses had just lost our situation have been reached on a divorce.

Before taking this decision I do “ISTIKHAARAH” then I came to know that my husband is under the attack of black magic all the effects were clear on husband hate with me was increasingly becoming more intense and then he was waiting for chance to give me divorce. 

I try my level best to find the spiritual solution of this problem but all my tries going to be waste. 

Even my husband threatened to me divorce and he drove me out of his parents are not more than in this world. I go to my sister's house at that day my husband bring that women to his house which even not married with him yet he demanded from my husband that first he give me divorce and  give that house to him with legal paper’s. Referred to my husband for fulfill all his demands get ready for Papers the same day my sister told me about meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ). 

I immediately started meditation with the charity and glory of prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) and Mohammad (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم ) I begged for pray Acceptance. 

Then also take part in inwardly pray regularly. After starting meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) my heart has been satisfied. 

ALLAH accepted my pray in this form that woman also talk with another person hours on the phone. She told to my husband that he is her friend but by SHABBIR HUSSAIN exposes his secret open when my husband observed his relationship with another man with his eyes.

 SHABBIR HUSSAIN become very angry to her and removed from her house but in an hour she come back with some people entered in the house and beating my husband. Thanks’ to ALLAH some local ones see and save my husband or else my husband would probably kill.

 Love of that woman's spirit descended from my husband SHABBIR HUSSAIN'S hearts and minds. Single house was left intact was the grace of ALLAH otherwise this was also vanished. My husband’s come to my sister home with extremely embarrassment and apologized again brought me back home and with the Grace of ALLAH even know my husband not looked at any woman. Also gambling addiction, alcohol left by my husband. Know in the morning, go to work and come home in the evening .

Eats meal with children ALLAH special favor to me that I understand the virtue of its prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ).

ALLAH the Exalted, give her rich blessing to all those in the world and hereafter all people who convey this message to sad and helpless people.

 The purpose of all above describes is that if someone comes under this type problem, and then we suggest that you let your meditation routine prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) in your own life.

We pray to ALLAH almighty that with charity of the Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم )our all pray should be accepted.

Get rid from Black magic

If a brother or sister happy in his home and all estimates are undergoing with great furry home life or business progress in the development are getting really grow dramatically. In the event that children are healthy and obedient.

Often someone is exposed to malicious and without any reason he thinking about esoteric ways to hurt them. Sometimes that jealous also get succeed in his evil intentions were we see laughing faces become sad.  We see different houses disturb so much as they all become sad in the event that dwells see their home.

Many business man breaks down so much there were times that the owner of his own servants forced by the bad time to job under their servant for feeding their children. Sometimes disease or any event that is so much dangerous for parents and it force to sell their own houses for the sake of saving her children but all efforts are in vain.

These are all Symptoms of black magic, closures, bad eye etc. 
Whose outwardly physical treatment strategy or plan is not possible? Rather than this kind of cases treated spiritually.

The best treatment for this is prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) if your family , your business ,Your health , your honor , your property and your all those thing who live in under spiritual protection of ALLAH then any malicious activity like black magic never effect you.

We pray to ALLAH almighty that with charity of the Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم )our all pray should be accepted.

Turn business closures

After meditation name prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) barriers stand in the way of the business closures go away with mercy of Allah. From Islamabad, Mohammad Ali Asghar he writes to us its business was very good, but suddenly business has become strangely decreasing and I buried under a million loans. 

I have nothing to pay back the loan there were a few plot and my house were also sold. The person from them I get loan, they register complaint (FIR) against me in police it's unlikely that even I am thinking about suicide. 

But with ALLAH mercy someone told me about great meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ). I started this meditation and prayer regularly.

My heartbeats going to start (سبحان اللہ) (سبحان اللہ) .I intends to Allah that if he grants me I will return all the credit that is on my head.

After that I come to Lahore and start taxi driving. Where I meet with shah sahib who also urged me to recite this meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ).

with the help of this meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) ALLAH blessed me with money in a few months. Some of my friends also help me and I go to England. 

There I also drive taxi but that at time I did not know from where money come from .during that time I think about ALLAH unseen help every time with me on which ever place I go essence of Allah Almighty grant me victory. 

Today with the help of this meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) ALLAH blessing and the Holy Prophet ( (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم )charity I got enough money that I have  never before.  Know I have ten times more money than earlier, and now none of borrowers to which I have to give debit but there are many others who have to give my debt.

We pray to ALLAH almighty that with charity of the Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم )our all pray should be accepted.

Diseases Physical

In many diseases in which we observe that meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) does an excellent job of medicine.
Psychiatric disorders, depression, dual personality, fear, etc. Patient feels comfort during meditation. Throw meditation many people healed by the grace of prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) who take enough drugs to sleep at night they all leave that medicine after take part in this meditation.

Besides sugar, blood pressure, heart disease, neurological disorders, tics and a nervous system disorder in which meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) provide a great immunity power.
Well ALBSRYH series does not believe on lose talking. But we believe on firm and final observation and experience have come. 

Mohammad Ramadan writes that from Gujranwala their nervous system entirely stop to work, due to this attack my body stopped moving. Remember that any living life has movement if there's no movement then there is no life. 

Lungs have to be in action 24 hour around the clock for the respiration. Motion of the heart stops for a few minutes then any person will die. Mohammad Ramzan writes that in Lahore Mayo Hospital doctor give me respirations throw tubes that inserted into my lungs and for heartbeat attach motion machines with me.

But according to these doctor treatment for this disease is not anywhere in the world and the doctor judges that  the patient will not survive more than three days, I will survive until the machine connected with me work fine.
I could only hear, but action and feeling name nothing thing I had. Sometimes I feel like to be a scary thing tied my legs and dragged me somewhere carries.

After seeing my this sensitive condition a person come close to me and told me about meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) there is no motion in my tongue but I only imagine and start this meditation. After that I came to know this meditation done in imagination at 3 pm the same day with the Mercy of ALLAH my one arm started movement.

My death feared had also ended in the morning around 8:00 am my tongue movement occurred and am able to say some of the words and then gradually in between 72 hours my position is that I began to walk with support. Rapidly recovery of my entire condition every one pre sure afflicted and wonder how it all happened, all the happen with the grace of meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ).

But here I just want to say that it is ALLAH Exalted kindness with me and some other people's on which he want to show the power and benefit of prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) he did so.
Outlined a series of actions and impressions describe by Well ALBSRYH series we give special and general permit for legitimate purposes. Remember permission is the first condition for the benefit of spiritual actions.

If you done this meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) in Well ALBSRYH series and want special permission then please fill the form below and submit.

The founder of Silsila Khair-ul-Basharia (Well ALBSRYH series ) will grant special permission for your success and in spiritual network under Silsila Khair-ul-Basharia (Well ALBSRYH series ) Special prayers will be offered for you.
In addition if you want further details about the meditation we will be inform to you by mail. For the special permission of meditation prime name of ALLAH (سبحان اللہ) fill the form below and submit to us.

We pray to ALLAH almighty that with charity of the Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ  وسلم )our all pray should be accepted.

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