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The harsh reality is that we are the sinful creatures of Allah. That is the reason we are starting “The Inner Spiritual Program” so that by virtue of the mercy of God almighty, all the individuals of the world can get rid of their illnesses, sorrows, miseries and the problems they face in life. 

By partaking in this good deed, it is possible, and indeed, we hope that we will also receive pardon from Allah and our sins will be forgiven. 

The Inner Program is truly a comprehensive spiritual program for all problems and calamities. No religion in the world denies the significance of prayer. In fact every religion has stressed upon the importance and benefits of prayer in glorious words. We ourselves have experienced the apparent and hidden, deeper effects of prayer

It so happened that one of our spiritual leader were diagnosed with AIDS, a life threatening disease, in 1996. They were admitted to a private hospital, hoping that they would recover their health as soon as possible. However, according to the doctors, this disease had no cure.

 Despite spending so much money on hospitals, it was no use. All our worldly possessions, our house, lands, property, were sold off to pay for the treatment, but it was futile. 

Human nature is very strange. A person does not turn to Allah until he has exhausted every other option. After being unsuccessful in his efforts, when faced with despair and hopelessness, he finally seeks his Creator. Similarly, when we had nothing else left, we also knocked on the door of our Lord's bountiful kingdom, and prayed in his sublime presence for the health of our spiritual leader. After praying, we finally got peace of mind and inner satisfaction.

 A friend advised us wisely, that we should ask every individual that we meet to pray for our leader. 

We decided to do as he said; after all, what did we have to lose! Making a prayer or asking someone to pray did not cost any money. Hence, we told all our relatives and acquaintances to pray for our leader.

They in turn also requested their friends and family members to pray. In this way, a session of prayer started. By evening, we had requested quite a number of individuals to pray for us. Later that evening, when we went to visit our leader, they were conscious.

 Seeing them sitting up in bed brought back a light to our eyes which had previously become dull and lifeless due to worry. We were overjoyed; the happiness in our hearts knew no bounds! Even the doctors were amazed to see the improvement in the condition of our leader, and they told us that they would now regain his health.

 We realized that this was the evidence of the mercy of Allah! 

We thought to ourselves that God is the most benevolent, most merciful because he fulfills the need of his people without imposing any condition upon them. He is unconditional in His love! After witnessing this incident of Allah's mercy, we had already begged His pardon, but now, we also made Him a promise that not only we would make people throughout the world aware of the importance and benefits of prayer, but we would also establish a program in which individuals belonging to any sect or religion could make a prayer, or pray for someone else, with the intention of being compassionate. Just by looking at Allah's name in “The Inner Prayer” for a few seconds, a person would not only receive prayers from millions of individuals, it is also possible that his/her prayer becomes the means through which another sick, sorrowful or helpless person's sufferings are relieved.

Under the system of “The Inner Prayer program” if you are suffering from any problem, you can fill in the “Prayer Form” given at the end and submit it to us.

Whether it is an obvious physical and symptomatic illness or a hidden disease, a psychological disorder or illness due to black magic, association with jinn (demons) or the influence of the devil, or if it is due to a dangerous virus or bacteria, no matter what your problem is, you simply need to fill in the “Prayer Form” to let us know.

By the will and grace of Allah, your name and prayer will be featured in 500 websites immediately and we will request individuals from all over the world to pray for you by saying the following words in their hearts just once, with sincerity and compassion.

Words Of Pray:

"Oh Lord and Nurturer of mankind, please bestow your special favor upon the person making this prayer, and upon all those individuals who are praying for him/her, and in the wake of the gesture of all these people who have turned to you in need, bestow your favor upon me too."

It only takes 5 seconds to repeat these words but when millions of individuals repeat these words, then believe us, people actually get cured. We are not just making claims, we implore you to experience it for yourself and write to us.

If you spend just 5 second for the sake of humanity, and person gets healed physically or emotionally because of your prayer, then this is a matter of great honor for us.

And that is not all; if you devote 5 seconds out of compassion for your fellow human beings, just for the sake of obtaining the pleasure of God Almighty, you become a part of The Inner Prayer. This means that not only did you pray for hundreds of individuals, but hundreds of people will also be praying for you at that time.

(To understand our words, read the statement given above carefully and try to understand it because you will be included in the prayers of millions of people).

So, whether you are indulged in problems of every day life or not and whether you are suffering from some illness or not, you will always be protected from unforeseen calamities and ills, and you will be safe from all apparent and hidden problems as well as loss.
For those who are filling this form to submit a prayer to us, it is mandatory for them to read the following mentioned words of prayer silently, in their hearts.


This program is not a sort of business, nor do we receive any kind of payment from any of the 500 websites where your banner is displayed. In fact, The Inner Prayer Team spends its own money on several websites, to adjust your banner requesting a prayer displayed. It is probably the virtue and blessing of this prayer that Allah has provided us the means to manage this entire program of prayer ourselves. We especially request you to pray to Allah for the team of The Inner Prayer so that we can continue this program and the supreme power of Allah continues to help us. Amen!


After receiving your prayer form, your prayer request will send in the “Mail ID” of our 1 million members and also will publish in 500 websites within few minutes. For those who are filling this form to submit a prayer to us, it is mandatory for them to read the following mentioned words of prayer silently, in their hearts, thanks.

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