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Human existence has fallen sick, and many which some time we reach at a final destination at last fighting against those diseases, and we lost our life. Some disease are those which attack on a human being from inner side, There are some diseases that can affect people from outside and that are not able to compensate for massive losses .

some people try at their level best to protect himself and their children from caught by different disease, they used fresh food, using different method to protect themselves and their children from flies and mosquito. 

But after doing other thing of protection! They indulged in different diseased.

Have you ever considered the opposite? It will be unlike anything you have ever considered the people are nomadic “no residence”. They do not know anything about cleaning. They don’t have enough knowledge. But they fall ill and caught by diseases very rarely. Some who if the fall ill they will recover without any medical treatment. 

There is only one reason behind this that they goat a very great blessing of nature and they are rich in immunity. We caught by disease very easily because lack of immunity. 

If there is lack of immunity so there is a greater chance that person easily fall ill and caught by any virus. Good medicine also not performing well. Naturally if there is any problem in our inner body structure so immunity power corrects it very likely. A normal human being doing fight with disease from birth till death. And this fight is possible with the power of immunity.
If someone has great immunity power he will have good health. Lack of immunity from human body is the sign of dead.

If you or your children caught by any disease and that disease is spread by any virus or you are suffering due to internal body system problem. Despite the doctor's treatment is not going to be recovered. Disease has been increasing instead of decreasing. 

So the last way of healing is PRAYER. You can get million prayers very easily by this inner prayer program. We just called it PRAYER online. With medical treatment if you get a part in this inner prayer program then with ALLAH help you miraculously heal from all physical disease.

The best way of finding the power of immunity is pray to ALLAH. it’s a nature of human being who ever he caught in a serious disease or problem he then come back to ALLAH so in this way they believe on ALLAH we got by our parents ,ancestor or versa. 

What is PRAYER? The power of believing to call ALLAH for help when he was in trouble this is called PRAYER. As we already described that the main feature why we caught by disease is the lack of immunity. What does the physician? He provides us a medicine for improve the inner power that is immunity power and that medicine also work. 

In that case we rehabilitate. But the best way for improvement in immunity power is to PRAYER. There are some diseases where medical science fails but there is only one way there that is PRAYER. So here we launch a program where anyone can request for the PRAYER about our self her life and disease. In the inner prayer we have round about 1 lakh member, 

if you submit your request for pray so your request will be forward on these 1 lakh member email id. 

These all member are very pious from religious point of view and regularly offering prayer person. Also we publish your prayer request banner on round about 500 website. There should be also millions of people will pray for you. If you focus on this way of PRAYER you probably know that these prayers never rejected. It’s not matter from which religion or sect you belong you can be a part of this prayer program.

Blood patient, heart patient, liver patient, stomach patient, brain patient, nervous system patient, kidney patient, allergy patient, asthma patient, ENT patient, or any other disease patient, if you want to recover from all of these diseases with the blessing of ALLAH so the best way is PRAYER.

If you want to request for prayer on the name of ALLAH then submit the form below and then see what does ALLAH almighty for you. Remember, mental and physical healing is possible only after PRAYER to ALLAH almighty.

How to join pray online  

For participate in this PRAYER online program please fill up pray form and submit it. After receiving your form this will be send to 1 lakh member who will pray for this person after night prayer for three days also we publish your prayer banner with your name on five hundred different websites so in this way you will get millions of PRAYER. 

There are some restrictions are imposed on the people who are in the process of Meditation mysticism PRAYER and it is necessary for them to follow these restrictions. But after participating into this program there is no restriction. Rather than this that there is a greatest virtue and importance of meditation mysticism PRAYER. The form for PRAYER ONLINE PROGRAM is below here.

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